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Saffron .. The Red Gold

The benefits of saffron for health
1. Resistance to depression:
The taking of saffron may lead to modifying the mood and assist in reducing human depression, with a high potassium and vitamin B6 that adjusts the mood of man.

As well as the saffron is helping to increase the rate of blood pump into the brain, increasing the production of serotonin or what is known as happiness hormone, which helps to get rid of the bad psychological situation, including anxiety, tension and depression.

2. Prevention of cancer:
The saffron is rich in a lot of strong antioxidants that help to neutralize free roots, which protects against cancer diseases. Studies have shown that rubber vehicles help kill or minimize cancer cells.

Saffron to lose weight

3. Weight Loss:
Adding the saffron to snacks can help to suppress the appetite, as a studies also proved and in the Health Line.

4. Reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer:
The use of saffron helps to treat nerves, especially with age, and agreed to study published by the Web Medical website, the saffron is 22 weeks to optimize and reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer. Memory and loss.

Saffron to protect the heart

5. Heart protection and arteries:
The saffron is important to the heart and maintain the blood pressure rate.

The benefits of church tea and preparation method
It is worth mentioning that potassium is important to maintain the blood pressure rate and minimize it if it is high. The potassium has a role in maintaining the fluid balance, as well as antioxidants and selenium, which helps to prevent cholesterol oxidation and prevent infections leading to arterial and heart diseases.

6. Handy for women:
The saffron helps to treat symptoms associated with the monthly session in women. Studies indicated that women in the age period between 20 and 45 helped them to get rid of the symptoms of menstrual cycle such as headache, abdominal pain and anxiety.

7. Sleep help:
Taking saffron helps to get rid of insomnia, which helps to sleep better in addition to that saffron contains potassium and soothing properties that help relax and calm the nerves, and you can add saffron to a cup of warm milk before sleep.

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